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There are some – not very many, it seems, but some – who think we may have been too harsh on KEYFRAMES. 

They feel we didn't fully appreciate the merits of the light-show currently brightening up St Andrew Square in yesterday's article.

We are nothing if not fair here at the Spurtle. To understand what 'Events Champion' Councillor Richard Lewis sees in the work, we have dedicated space below for the artists at Groupe LAPS to describe it in their own words.

What follows is an exact reproduction of what appears on their website here. Readers who visit the page may note that the finish date given differs by one day from that publicised by City of Edinburgh Council. They may also be surprised at the beautiful green grass which forms a backdrop to their stick-figures in the accompanying illustration.

KEYFRAMES EDINBURGH is telling the stories of an absurd winter picnic. St Andrews square is transformed into a light garden playground. Usually it starts in spring and only those white puppets can support it in the winter. 15 small scenes (5 puppets decomposing the movements) are playing independently with a proper sound proposition. Frisbee, football, Highlands games, picnic, nap on a bench, love affairs, some are speaking to the visitor... Sometimes, with the principle of chain reaction, all the scene are connected one to the other by a disturbing guest. Everything is turning into a burlesque farandole.

We agree with the proposition that St Andrew Square is insupportable as currently over-exploited at this time of year. We're not sure who the 'disturbing guest' may be, but we're fairly certain Essential Edinburgh's management of the Garden is the 'burlesque farandole'.


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 Rebecca Bridgland Is it local people looking on in disgust as the grass is reduced to a quagmire of compacted tussocks and mud?

@CHill30465 @theSpurtle @Edinburgh_CC reads like a spoof its so OTT. Would though like to see this space being used more as a garden.


@CityCycling @edinnews @GASPurves @theSpurtle @Child_Deirdre @Edinburgh_CC @edinspotlight past on Sunday perhaps rethink grass altogether

Lizzie Rynne ‏@CityCycling

.@Edinlass personally I would prefer rethink of the way the square is used @edinnews@GASPurves@theSpurtle@Edinburgh_CC@edinspotlight

NewTownCleanStreetsNewTownCleanStreets ‏@NTCleanStreets

@Edinlass@theSpurtle@CityCycling@GASPurves@Child_Deirdre@Edinburgh_CC@edinspotlight well, perhaps use a space that's ALREADY paved!

Lizzie Rynne ‏@CityCycling
.@NTCleanStreets or even consider if we need #Edinburgh WHS to be ritually defaced each year @Edinlass @theSpurtle @GASPurves @edinspotlight

Ken Wilson ‏@KenWilson84 

@theSpurtle @Edinburgh_CC I sooo love airport art. Is that the logo from the old Rog Moore TV series The Saint come to, er, life?


Alan Kennedy Shame about the mud, and the awful music. 

Still quite like the light installation itself though!