Submitted by Editor on Thu, 30/11/2023 - 00:00

As you read this, advance copies of the December/January Spurtle are already dusting Broughton like the first snowflakes of winter. Only with words printed on them.

Page 1 is action-packed with over-the-top dullness, hyperactivity on defects, pavements and fume-belchers, an ongoing mystery, a fond farewell, and more of the same fun and games around short-term lets. Also, an unconventionally beautiful girl with a fan.

Bugs in soups, a monastery which maybe isn’t, Broughton Market and Calton Hill all feature prominently on Page 2, as does a lush nook, a potential MP, a 3-year experiment, a café controversy, and the tottiest bowf o brumstane.

On Page 3 we feature history: domestic, festive and nicotine-stained. Grave, journalistic and skewed news accompany reports of a herringbone setback and excrescences. Spurtle announces its online Christmas puzzle which will delight all lovers of irritating hints, smug clues and sly winks.

We conclude with an invisible addition to the city roofscape, a disagreeable floater, the pitfalls of acronyms, disappointments, fortitude, inspiring examples, and a new arrival.

You can find your printed copy of Issue 335 in most shops and services across Broughton and beyond, plus the Stockbridge, McDonald Road and Central Libraries.

Alternatively, download a colourful pdf from our website HERE from midnight tonight.

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