Submitted by Editor on Sun, 03/12/2023 - 14:39

The Howlin Hound will open shortly at 7 East London Street. Painters, decorators and folk with no chat but impressive toolboxes have been busy at the premises for over two weeks.

The new 100-cover restaurant promises ‘exotic hotdogs from around the world’. At the weekends, Don Giatto’s will operate as a ‘downstairs champagne and cocktails speakeasy’ in the basement.

We don’t know of an opening date yet, but the company’s website stump already invites Christmas-party bookings.

The new venture doesn’t seem to be connected to the Howlin Wolf live-music venue and taco restaurant in Glasgow.

And that’s all we know.


Popular premises

Since 1994, the 7–11 East London Street premises have been home at various times to the Sundial Launderette and Lost Sock Diner, Corryglen, Serendipity, Locanda de Gusti, Bella Mbriana, Riparian Rooms, Bushwick Bar and Grill, TriBeCa Bar and Grill, and, most recently the much missed Harmonium Bar and Kitchen.

There may have been others – if any reader can remember them, we’d like to be reminded.

We wish The Howlin Hound well and hope it succeeds where others have failed in coaxing customers to venture beyond the foot of Broughton Street.

In the meantime, warm your paws here.